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Start Competing

Start Competing @ Strathgryffe

Playing tennis competitively can be a fun way to test your skills on the court.

Here you can find a step by step guide to help you start. There are a number of options to get involved in tennis competition from fun match play events to tournaments run by British Tennis.

Click the headings below to expand each step.

Step 1 - Sign up to British Tennis Membership and get a rating

Before you can compete in tennis competitions run by British Tennis you will need to sign up for British Tennis Membership (BTM) and be allocated a rating. Only those players with a BTM number and rating can compete in competitions run by British Tennis.

To apply:
Log on to and then click on sitemap (top right) then membership (bottom right).
Telephone: 0208 487 7000. (Please ensure you link your club as Strathgryffe)
If you have any problems, please email [email protected]

Step 2 - Choose the right tennis competition

To get the most out of competition you should try and play against players of a similar standard. To help you choose the level of competition that is right for you all British Tennis competitions are graded (7-1).

There are also two measures to help players understand and monitor their playing standard:
•   British Tennis ratings - indicates a standard of play and allows players to monitor their progress.
•   Nike British Tennis rankings - a measure of where you stand in your age group nationally and within your county.

Competition grading

To help players identify suitable competitive opportunities so they can play against others of a similar standard competitions are graded from 7-1, progressing from local club level to county, regional and finally national level competitions.

Grade 7
If you are just starting to compete, Grade 7 competitions offer a great opportunity to gain some competitive experience in a local environment. For our younger members these include local competitions such as our regular fun match play sessions on a Saturday morning and afternoon. This grade of competition counts for ratings but not rankings.

To find out more please email our junior tournament organiser James Reid: [email protected] 

Grade 6
Competitions in this grade are usually match-plays which are open to all players to enter. They are run throughout the year and across the country and offer players in all age groups the chance to develop their competitive tennis. This grade of competition counts for ratings but not rankings.

Grade 5
These competitions take place at local club or county level and are open to players of all ages and abilities. They might be for specific age groups or cater for different age groups within one tournament. These competitions count for both ratings and rankings.

Grade 4
These are county level competitions giving players the opportunity to gain competition experience at the next level and count for both ratings and rankings.

Grade 3
These are regional level competitions that count for both ratings and rankings. There are opportunities for players of all ages to compete in grade 3 competitions throughout the year.

Grade 2
These are national level competitions and count for both ratings and rankings.

Grade 1
This is the top level of national competition and counts for ratings and rankings.

Tennis Competition Age Groups

All junior age groups, from 8U through to 18U, are aligned with competition seasons. The competition season dates are:
•    Winter season: 1 September – 31 March
•    Summer season: 1 April – 31 August

Your age on the last date of the upcoming competition season will determine which will age group you will compete in for that season.

Step 3 - Find a competition

Strathgryffe organises regular internal matchplay sessions for Red, Orange, Green & Yellow Ball players which are ideal for confidence building.

Next stage we would recommend West of Scotland Summer & Winter Challenge Events.

For a ‘what’s available now’ update please email our junior tournament organiser James Reid: [email protected] 

Step 4 - Enter the competition online

Ok you are now ready to enter your competition online. Download the document below for a detailed explanation of how to do this on the LTA website or just follow the step by step images below which explain the process.

Enter Online - Step 1

Enter Online - Step 1

Enter Online - Step 2

Enter Online - Step 2

Enter Online - Step 3

Enter Online - Step 3

Enter Online - Step 4

Enter Online - Step 4