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Membership Fees

If you are interested in joining our fantastic club we'd love to show you around so pop in anytime to see us and one of our team will give you a guided tour!

Our membership fees are based on age, and are inclusive of the fitness suite from 13 years and over.

Please note there are additional charges for indoor tennis court hire and squash court hire. Our fees are currently as follows;
Category Age Annual Fee £
1st Senior 26+ 430.00
2nd Senior 26+ 315.00
1st Senior 60+ 322.50
2nd Senior
60+ 235.00
Intermediate 18-25 225.00
Junior 16-17 120.00
Junior 13-15 105.00
Junior 10-12 75.00
Mini 4-9 52.00
Fitness 26+ 330.00
2nd Fitness 26+ 247.50
Fitness 60+ 243.50
2nd Fitness 60+ 182.50
Associate  23+ 15.00
Family Membership
(2 seniors and children under 26)
Instalment Fee for Direct Debit   20.00

There is an additional fee of £20 annually to administer a direct debit instruction with those payments added to your monthly membership fee.
To apply for membership please click on the button which will open the online application form.